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High In Uruguay, Shrinking Coral Level And Going Down.

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The Uruguayan government has introduced a law that would hand over to them the producing and selling of marijuana to registered users.

A new study shows the Great Barrier Reef’s level of coral cover has dropped from 28% in 1985 to 13% today.

Scientists are planning a $1 billion mission to the Earth’s mantle.

James Meredith, No Gay-To-Straight Therapy And Happy Birthday CD!

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Fifty years ago today, James Meredith became the first black student admitted to the University of Mississippi.

California is the first state in America to pass a law banning a form of therapy directed at changing a minor’s sexual orientation from gay to straight.

The compact disc turns 30 today.

Student Debt, Hold The Milk And Creating American Jobs Via H-1B Visas?

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Analysis of government data by the Pew Research Centers shows one in five U.S. households is burdened by student debt.

Some scientists say milk proteins may make it hard for the body to absorb tea’s health benefits.

The U.S. Congress is being called upon by Microsoft to create 20,000 new H-1B visas, with the long-term goal filling those jobs with Americans.



Value Of Education, Chimney Rock And New Tool For Police.

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Having grown up homeless, with a mother who was in and out of prison, Tierra Jackson is a shining example of how important education is.

Chimney Rock in southwestern Colorado is the United States’ newest national monument.

A few police officers with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department are now armed with point and shoot cameras.


Saving Bats, Beatern For Shrimp And Highest Injury Rates.

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$300,000 has been spent to build a bat cave in Nashville, Tennessee that is designed to give bats shelter from white nose syndrome.

Thazin Mon is a shrimp peeler in Thailand, who was kicked by her boss and threatened with rape simply because she asked for a day off to rest her swollen hands.

The Toyota Yaris and Suzuki SX4 are tops on the Highway Loss Data Institute’s list showing the number of occupants filing personal injury claims.

Argiope Appena, Dairy Robot And Mapping The Human Brain.

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The webs of the Argiope Appena, a.k.a. banana spider are 5o percent larger on Guam than on other islands.

Roughly 50 dairy farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin now use a robot to milk their cows and control the feed.

Scientists at the Allen Institute for Brain Science have created the first human brain-wide data set.

Elephant Poaching, Vultures For The Dead And Voyager 1.

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According to The New York Times’ Jeffrey Gettleman, the price of ivory is leading more and more people to slaughter African elephants.

A lack of vultures is having a grave effect on the funeral ceremonies for India’s Parsis.

Voyager 1 may be marking its 35th anniversary by leaving the solar system.

Solar-Powered Public Toilet, Robot Hall Of Fame And Angel Investors.

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The citizens of Portland, Oregon have a new sustainable urban toilet in which to answer nature’s call.

Ever wanted to cast a vote for an inductee into the Robot Hall Of Fame? Now is your chance.

If you’re a start-up business looking for funding, perhaps you should try an angel investor.


Groceries For Sale, Playing Video Games On A Cell And Membership In The 160 Club.

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If you happened to be at the Chesapeake Auction House today, you may have found some bargains during its grocery auction.

Roughly 40 million Japanese people are playing video games on their cell phones.

In order to honored by The 160 Club at Tap House Grill, a patron must have had all 160 beers on tap.

Eel Pie, If Project And Hypersonic Flight.

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Eel Pie is a traditional dish from early 16th and 17th century London.

The If Project was born out of a question posed to prisoners at the Washington Correction Center for Women.

The X-51A WaveRider aircraft testing tomorrow will hopefully reach a speed of 3,600 mph, which could take someone from Los Angeles to New York in roughly 46 minutes.

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