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Rising Minimium Wage In Washington, 1,000 Female Pilgrims Turned Away And Soul Food.

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Washington state’s minimum wage is rising to $9.19 an hour beginning January 1, 2013.

Because they were not accompanied by a male guardian, 1,000 Nigerian female pilgrims were turned away by Saudi Arabia.

If you’re looking for some blessed soul food, try a Sunday brunch at the Hamilton.

Banking On Time, Mes Aynak And Charlotte Ross.

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With its unemployment at roughly 25 percent, Spain has seen a dramatic rise in the number of time banks.

Mes Aynak is an ancient site in Afghanistan that may be destroyed at the end of this year to make way for a copper mine.

For almost 50 years, Charlotte Ross, 87, has been a crossing guard in Alexandria, Virginia, making her the longest one serving in that role.

Elephant Poaching, Vultures For The Dead And Voyager 1.

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According to The New York Times’ Jeffrey Gettleman, the price of ivory is leading more and more people to slaughter African elephants.

A lack of vultures is having a grave effect on the funeral ceremonies for India’s Parsis.

Voyager 1 may be marking its 35th anniversary by leaving the solar system.

400 Trees, Iranian Executions And License To Drum.

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In order for the space shuttle Endeavor to go from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to the California Science Center, 400 trees have to be removed.

According to international law, the execution of anyone who is under 18 when an offense is committed is strictly prohibited. Iran did not get that memo.

50 candidates in the western Turkish city of Isparta were recently awarded a license to bang their drums in the early morning hours before sunrise.


Natural Gas Car, Space Taxi And Vatican Fighting A University.

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Detroit carmakers are being asked by more than 20 state governors to build a natural gas car.

Boeing, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and Sierra Nevada Corporation have been selected by NASA to develop space taxis.

The Vatican has issued an order calling for the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru to change its name.

Spirit Houses, Linking Trails And No Pow Wow This Year In Seattle.

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Spirit houses are designed to give a person’s spirit a place to go until they have crossed to the other side. What do you think of spirit houses?

Efforts are underway to link the Appalachian Trail with the longest hiking trail in the United States – the North Country National Scenic Trail. Have you ever hiked either trail?

The 27th Annual Sea Fair Pow Wow was scheduled for July 20 – 22, but financial difficulties have forced its cancellation. Have you ever attended a Native American People’s gathering?

What did you learn today?


Just The Fax, Nun’s Guide To Sex And Bathroom Ads.

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As Japan’s nuclear crisis began last year, government officials were notified of the situation via fax.

Sister Margaret Farley’s, Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics is causing quite a stir within the Vatican.

Coming soon to a public bathroom mirror near you are video ads.

Whiteclay, Nebraska, Girls Scouts Being Investigated And Sparks Of Hope.

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Whiteclay, Nebraska has twelve residents and four liquor stores.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has launched an “official inquiry” regarding the Girls Scouts’ connection with Doctors Without Borders and  the Sierra Club, among other suspicious activities.

Sparks Of Hope is a Portland, Oregon-based non-profit founded by Lee Ann Mead that is devoted to helping sexually and physically abused children.

Amarrass Records, A Fresh Start And Easter In Greece.

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Amarrass Records is all about exposing and preserving indigenous folk music before it is gone forever.

If the balance due on your 2011 federal taxes does not exceed $50,000, you could qualify for the IRS’s Fresh Start program.

Easter will be celebrated at midnight tonight in Greece, where the church is called Aghios Loukas.


“He” Bibles, Howard Theatre’s Reopening And Cloud 9.

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He” Bibles refers to first edition King James Bibles in which Ruth is referenced with “he” instead of “she.”

After decades of dormancy, the Howard Theatre is reopening tomorrow evening, and will hold a gala and benefit concert on April 12.

Seattle, Washington’s Cloud 9 consignment shop has closed after 53 years in operation.

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