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Venezuelan Voting, No Soup For You And “Glad Rag Doll.”

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Venezuelans who live in Florida and want to vote in their home country’s election have to travel to New Orleans.

Saying some charities are like nightclubs that have become neighborhood nuisances, Costa Mesa Mayor Eric Bever would like to close a few.

“Glad Rag Doll” is the latest release from Diana Krall.


Picasso Piece Looking For A Home, “Dormoy Bathtub” And Fight The New Drug.

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The Museum of Arts, History and Science in Evansville, Indiana has discovered a Pablo Picasso piece in storage, but cannot afford the insurance to keep it.

Ed Kusmirek has built an exact replica of a 1924 “Dormoy Bathtub.”

Fight The New Drug is up against a formidable foe in pornography.


Breathalyzer In France, Arctic Sea Ice And Simon’s Fund.

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The French are not happy with a new law that says every driver in France must have a personal breathalyzer.

According to the University of Colorado National Snow and Ice Data Center, the amount of Arctic sea ice has hit a record low.

Simon’s Fund has provided free heart screenings to roughly 5,000 students in the Philadelphia area.



“Medusoid,” Rx For Fresh Fruits And Vegetables And Seun Adebiyi.

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Made out of a mix of rat heart cells and silicone, “Medusoid” is a bioengineered jellyfish that researchers hope will one day lead to the creation of a non-battery powered heart pacemaker.

The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx) is designed to help people better their eating habits.

In addition to being a Nigerian-American lawyer and Olympic hopeful, Seun Adebiyi is the man responsible for Nigeria’s first ever bone marrow drive.


Boy Scouts Of America Not Following The Military’ Path, More Universities Offering Free Online Classes And Mariel Zagunis.

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An 11-member special committee has determined that it would not be advisable for the Boy Scouts of America to rescind its policy against allowing gays to join.

Under a new agreement with Coursera, the University of Washington, Georgia Tech, et al., will be joining Stanford University, Princeton, the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania in offering free online classes.

U.S. Olympian Mariel Zagunis is going for her third straight saber fencing gold medal.

Zombie-Proof Homes, WWII Doughnuts And RIP Bob Greenberg.

Posted in Business, Food And Drink, Non-Profits, Real Estate, RIP, Sport, United States, Veterans, War on 14/07/2012 by 1812 has put together a list of zombie-proof homes for sale.

During WWII, the Red Cross charged soldiers for doughnuts it usually provided for free.

Bob Greenberg was a sportscaster for WBEZ in Chicago, who didn’t let his lack of sight get in the way of doing his job.

Collective Action For Safe Spaces, Pinpointing Gunfire And Sins Of The Son?

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Washingtonians who experience gender-based sexual harassment and assault can share their story online through the Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) organization.

The city of Seattle is considering using “automated gunshot recognition systems” to help its police determine the origin of gunfire.

Yashar Khameneh’s father has been arrested in Iran for Yashar’s online posts.

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