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Venezuelan Voting, No Soup For You And “Glad Rag Doll.”

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Venezuelans who live in Florida and want to vote in their home country’s election have to travel to New Orleans.

Saying some charities are like nightclubs that have become neighborhood nuisances, Costa Mesa Mayor Eric Bever would like to close a few.

“Glad Rag Doll” is the latest release from Diana Krall.


Music By The Hour, “Breakfast In The Classroom” And Lesula.

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According to tradition in North Indian (Hindustani) classical music, certain ragas are meant for either a specific time of day or year.

Thanks to a program run by Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom, children do not have to come to school early just to eat breakfast.

The lesula is the animal kingdom’s lastest member.

Lady Pens, Mandatory Mandarin And Sauti Sol.

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Bic has released a new line of pens designed exclusively for women.

Within a few years, every student in some Georgia schools will be required to learn Mandarin.

Sauti Sol is now the most popular band in Kenya.

400 Trees, Iranian Executions And License To Drum.

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In order for the space shuttle Endeavor to go from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to the California Science Center, 400 trees have to be removed.

According to international law, the execution of anyone who is under 18 when an offense is committed is strictly prohibited. Iran did not get that memo.

50 candidates in the western Turkish city of Isparta were recently awarded a license to bang their drums in the early morning hours before sunrise.


Uncle Ray Cordeiro, Murree Brewery And Tucker.

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Uncle Ray Cordeiro has been in radio broadcasting for over 61 years.

Murree Brewery in Pakistan has been in business since 1860.

Tucker is able to find and track the scent of orca scat, and is said by marine biologists to be the world’s only working dog.

Clyde Casey, Lost Money On Stamps And Drinking While Working.

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For over 40 years, Clyde Casey  has been bringing his one-of-a-kind music to the streets of New Orleans.

The U.S. Postal Service lost $1.2 million on stamps created to honor a cartoon family.

There are four bars within the confines of the British Parliamentary estate.

MASS MoCA, Face-Kini And George Griffin’s Keeping The Beat Alive.

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What was once 26 factory buildings is now MASS MoCA, one of the world’s largest museums of contemporary art in the world.

The Face-Kini is the Chinese’s response to a fear of tanning.

George Griffin is a Seattle-area jazz pioneer, who his now a music teacher at the senior-housing complex in which he lives.

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