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First Time Female Marines, Nicole Kotovos And Ampere Down.

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For the first time in its 35-year history, two women are going through the Marines’ Infantry Officer Course.

American citizen Nicole Kotovos has just opened up her third Hamptons Cupcakes in Athens, Greece.

Ampere Down is a movement begun in 2007 to encourage Japan’s citizenry to trade higher-rated breaker boxes for lower ones.

Rising Minimium Wage In Washington, 1,000 Female Pilgrims Turned Away And Soul Food.

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Washington state’s minimum wage is rising to $9.19 an hour beginning January 1, 2013.

Because they were not accompanied by a male guardian, 1,000 Nigerian female pilgrims were turned away by Saudi Arabia.

If you’re looking for some blessed soul food, try a Sunday brunch at the Hamilton.

Student Debt, Hold The Milk And Creating American Jobs Via H-1B Visas?

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Analysis of government data by the Pew Research Centers shows one in five U.S. households is burdened by student debt.

Some scientists say milk proteins may make it hard for the body to absorb tea’s health benefits.

The U.S. Congress is being called upon by Microsoft to create 20,000 new H-1B visas, with the long-term goal filling those jobs with Americans.



Eating Based On Labels, Bonnie And Clyde Auction And British Badger’s Battle.

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Experiments conducted by University of Michigan marketing professor Aradhna Krishna indicate people will eat more of an item labeled “medium” as opposed to “large,” even though they’re actually the same size.

Clyde Barrow’s Colt .45 and Bonnie Parker’s .38 Special are among a number of items from the infamous duo going up for auction.

A battle is underway in Britain over the eradication of 70 percent of the badger’s population in two separate areas.



Saving Bats, Beatern For Shrimp And Highest Injury Rates.

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$300,000 has been spent to build a bat cave in Nashville, Tennessee that is designed to give bats shelter from white nose syndrome.

Thazin Mon is a shrimp peeler in Thailand, who was kicked by her boss and threatened with rape simply because she asked for a day off to rest her swollen hands.

The Toyota Yaris and Suzuki SX4 are tops on the Highway Loss Data Institute’s list showing the number of occupants filing personal injury claims.

Egg Shortage In Mexico, Stopping Cancer With A Swab And No More Dancing With Dad.

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Mexicans on average eat more than 430 eggs a year, which isn’t helped any by the current egg shortage Mexico is experiencing.

Doctor Ricky Lu is hoping to stop cervical cancer in Botswana with a swab and vinegar.

Father-daughters dances and mother-son ballgames have been banned in Rhode Island.

Wild Rice Festival, Child Marriage In Niger And Secret Service Code Names.

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Celebrating an old Native American tradition, the Wild Rice Festival in Roseville, Minnesota runs through the end of this month.

Niger has one of the highest child marriage rates in the world, with one out of every three girls marrying before the age of 15.

President Obama’s Secret Service code name is Renegade, Ted Kennedy’s was Sunburn.

Music By The Hour, “Breakfast In The Classroom” And Lesula.

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According to tradition in North Indian (Hindustani) classical music, certain ragas are meant for either a specific time of day or year.

Thanks to a program run by Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom, children do not have to come to school early just to eat breakfast.

The lesula is the animal kingdom’s lastest member.

Uncle Ray Cordeiro, Murree Brewery And Tucker.

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Uncle Ray Cordeiro has been in radio broadcasting for over 61 years.

Murree Brewery in Pakistan has been in business since 1860.

Tucker is able to find and track the scent of orca scat, and is said by marine biologists to be the world’s only working dog.

750,000 Miles, Mandating Paid Leave And White House Beer Recipes.

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The people of Copenhagen collectively cycle more than 750,000 miles daily.

Businesses in the city of Seattle are now required to allow employees paid leave to care for either a sick family member or themselves.

The White House has released a recipe for both White House Honey Ale and White House Honey Porter.


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