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Student Debt, Hold The Milk And Creating American Jobs Via H-1B Visas?

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Analysis of government data by the Pew Research Centers shows one in five U.S. households is burdened by student debt.

Some scientists say milk proteins may make it hard for the body to absorb tea’s health benefits.

The U.S. Congress is being called upon by Microsoft to create 20,000 new H-1B visas, with the long-term goal filling those jobs with Americans.



Wild Horse Wind Farm, Walnut Power And Elzie Alexander.

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On the Wild Horse Wind Farm, you can hike, bike, hunt, and even check out the 149 wind turbines that occupy the land.

Russ Lester is a California farmer using walnuts to power his farm.

Elzie Alexander is a stand-up comedian who happens to live on L.A.’s skid row.


Uncle Ray Cordeiro, Murree Brewery And Tucker.

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Uncle Ray Cordeiro has been in radio broadcasting for over 61 years.

Murree Brewery in Pakistan has been in business since 1860.

Tucker is able to find and track the scent of orca scat, and is said by marine biologists to be the world’s only working dog.

Viola Da Gamba, Dirtier Movies In India And Azriel ”Al” Blackman.

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The Viola Da Gamba Conclave marked its 5oth anniversary this past July.

Bollywood movie producer Ekta Kapoor is trying to add a little skin to India’s movie industry.

Azriel ”Al” Blackman has worked for American Airlines for 70 years.


Modjeska’s, Non-Browning Apple And RIP Annie.

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The Modjeska is named after the late Polish actress Helena Modjeska, and is very popular in Kentucky.

British Columbia-based Okanagan Specialty Fruits is attempting to bring to U.S. and Canadian markets its non-browning apple.

Annie the “neighborhood” dog died a week ago today after being stung by a bee.

Tickets Good 33 Years Later, BX442 And RIP Sylvia Woods.

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Those individuals who held on to their tickets from the Who’s canceled concert in 1979at what was then the Providence Civic Center will be able to use them for the group’s upcoming show.

Years after it was discovered, astronomers are finally getting a look at BX442, which is 10.7 billion light years away.

The “Queen of Soul Food,” a.k.a. Sylvia Woods passed away yesterday at the age of 86.

Robben Island Bible, Free Phone Calls And What Would Batman Think?

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A copy of the Complete Works of Shakespeare came to be known as the Robben Island Bible, due to its use by prisoners at the infamous prison.

Mexico City native Minerva Cuevas is offering the city’s citizens free phone calls to anywhere in the world.

A movie critic’s review of the new Batman film posted earlier this week brought about strong reactions from people who had not even seen the film, including death threats.



Manju, 4-D Movies And Premarital Sex In North Carolina.

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Umai Do is a Japanese sweets shop specializing in Manju.

Next time you go to the movies, your seat might move.

Since 1805, it has been against the law in North Carolina to have premarital sex, and may land you in jail for 30 days if caught breaking the law.

“Sponge Candy Crescent,” “Bronies” And No More Minitel.

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“Sponge Candy Crescent” is actually what the eastern shore of Lake Erie is known as, because of the candy, which is not available in hot weather.

Bronies” are boys and men who like the cartoon “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

During its peak in the late 90s, roughly 25 million people in France were using the Minitel to check the weather and buy clothes.

Disney Gets Healthy, Cancer’s Growth And Limping To Get Better.

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Walt Disney Co. is applying to new standards to food ads geared towards kids.

A team of scientists is predicting that the cancer rate in China, India and South Africa will grow by nearly 80% by 2030.

A new study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology has found a treatment using a treadmill split in two helps neurologically impaired patients learn how to walk again.

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