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Groceries For Sale, Playing Video Games On A Cell And Membership In The 160 Club.

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If you happened to be at the Chesapeake Auction House today, you may have found some bargains during its grocery auction.

Roughly 40 million Japanese people are playing video games on their cell phones.

In order to honored by The 160 Club at Tap House Grill, a patron must have had all 160 beers on tap.

Schwenker, The Whipped Cream Lady And Leaving Your Phone With Eva.

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In the Mosel Valley in western Germany, and its next-door neighbor state Saarland, a schwenker means three different things: a cut of pork, the person who grills it and the grill itself.

The Whipped Cream Lady, a.k.a. Dolores Erickson is now 76-years-old.

If you leave your smartphone with Eva Restaurant’s receptionist while dining, you will receive a 5 percent discount.

Childrens Cries Help Save Lives, Viddy And Saving Birds That Fly Into Glass.

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The cries of warning from Amanat and Abhay Singh helped save some lives during the recent shooting at Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Just 16 months after its launch, Viddy has 38 million users and is being called the Twitter for videos.

Scientists estimate that 100 million to a billion birds die each year by flying into glass, and research is being done to find out what exactly the birds aren’t seeing.

IPv6, Drinking In Tunisia And Cellphone Alerts.

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Thanks to IPv6, there are now 340 undecillion (that’s 340 trillion trillion trillion) unique web addresses.

Having a drink in Tunisia was not a problem, until the Arab Spring.

There are three levels of alerts that can be out via cellphone: “top-priority alerts issued by the president; imminent threat alerts for life-threatening scenarios that could endanger an entire city or regions and Amber alerts about missing children.”


Up And Over, Solving Bankruptcy And Be Careful What You Say To Siri?

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Up And Over is a youth motivational group that challenges the assumptions that people can make about others.

Since 2008. the number of neighborhood watch groups in Vallejo, California has jumped from 15 to 350.

Worried that requests made via Siri might be stored, IBM has banned its use outright.


Illegal Treasure Hunting, Xultun And International Caller ID.

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Growing by an incredible 100-fold since Hosni Mubark’s ouster have been illegal digs at Egypt’s ancient temples.

Archaeologists have unearthed the oldest known Maya calendar at the Xultun ruins in Guatemala.

Calls from Canada, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic all show up on Caller ID as being a long-distance call from within the U.S.

Online Passwords, Paying With Pot And Disabling Stolen Phones.

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The state of Maryland has passed a law banning the practice of employers asking employees or applicants for online passwords.

To pay off the town’s debt of nearly $1.5 million, the mayor of Rasquera, Spain wants to rent municipal land to pot farmers.

A central databse is going to be created that will allow major wireless providers to detect when a phone has been reported as stolen and pull the plug on it.


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