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First Time Female Marines, Nicole Kotovos And Ampere Down.

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For the first time in its 35-year history, two women are going through the Marines’ Infantry Officer Course.

American citizen Nicole Kotovos has just opened up her third Hamptons Cupcakes in Athens, Greece.

Ampere Down is a movement begun in 2007 to encourage Japan’s citizenry to trade higher-rated breaker boxes for lower ones.

Wild Horse Wind Farm, Walnut Power And Elzie Alexander.

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On the Wild Horse Wind Farm, you can hike, bike, hunt, and even check out the 149 wind turbines that occupy the land.

Russ Lester is a California farmer using walnuts to power his farm.

Elzie Alexander is a stand-up comedian who happens to live on L.A.’s skid row.


Lady Pens, Mandatory Mandarin And Sauti Sol.

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Bic has released a new line of pens designed exclusively for women.

Within a few years, every student in some Georgia schools will be required to learn Mandarin.

Sauti Sol is now the most popular band in Kenya.

Solar-Powered Public Toilet, Robot Hall Of Fame And Angel Investors.

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The citizens of Portland, Oregon have a new sustainable urban toilet in which to answer nature’s call.

Ever wanted to cast a vote for an inductee into the Robot Hall Of Fame? Now is your chance.

If you’re a start-up business looking for funding, perhaps you should try an angel investor.


Dabba Wallahs, Grindstone Island And RIP Malcolm Browne.

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Deliverymen in Mumbai are called dabba wallahs.

The people of Grindstone Island see to the proper burial of their loved ones.

Famously known for his 1963 photo of a fiery Budhdist Monk protesting against the South Vietnamese government, Malcolm Browne has passed away.



Eugene Gagliardi, What Does It Take To Win At Poker And Tattoo Ink.

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Eugene Gagliardi is the man who invented Steak-Umm, and the holder of Patent No. 5,266,064.

According to a federal judge’s ruling this week, who wins a poker game is determined more by skill than chance.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a new warning about tattoo ink.

Groceries For Sale, Playing Video Games On A Cell And Membership In The 160 Club.

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If you happened to be at the Chesapeake Auction House today, you may have found some bargains during its grocery auction.

Roughly 40 million Japanese people are playing video games on their cell phones.

In order to honored by The 160 Club at Tap House Grill, a patron must have had all 160 beers on tap.

Jatropha, Changing A Battery And “Happy Valley” Cemetery.

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Jatropha was once thought to be a viable source of biofuel.

A company in Palo Alto, California has created a network of car battery replacement stations in Denmark and Israel.

There are 8,000 graves in Hong Kong cemetery, one of the city’s oldest Christian cemeteries.


Frozen Yogurt Shops In Athens, Dining On The Water And E-Scores.

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If you happen to be on your way to Athens, Greece, you’ll have at least 70 shops from which to purchase Greek frozen yogurt.

Summer Dog is a 24-foot pontoon boat, and the city of Seattle’s first floating food truck.

At one time, an individual who used a middle initial was considered a better credit risk than someone who didn’t.

Fleeing Boats, Dropping CO2 Emissions And Farmers Markets.

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Roughly 30,000 boats have been sailed out of Italy in order to avoid the tax police.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, CO2 emissions from January through April of this year dropped to roughly 1991 levels.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the number of farmers markets has risen 9.6 percent in the past year.

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