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Maybe Not The Dream, Cheesy Transportation And Saudi Arabian Princess Ammerah Al-Taweel

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A cracked fan midshaft has been found on a Dreamliner General Electric GEnx-1B turbofan engine, marking the second engine problem for Boeing’s dream.

A biodiesel fuel made out of the watery waste of mass-produced cheese has been created by a team of researchers at Utah State University.

Saudi Arabian Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel is working to bring Saudi women the right to drive.

Morris Minor Cars, No Wind Farms For China And Saved By DNA.

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Morris Minor cars were built in Britain between 1949 and 1971. Rob Gruye has 58 of them.

President Obama has stepped in to prevent the sale of four Oregon wind farms to a Chinese company.

Damon Thibodeaux is the 18th death-row inmate to be saved by DNA.

Saving Bats, Beatern For Shrimp And Highest Injury Rates.

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$300,000 has been spent to build a bat cave in Nashville, Tennessee that is designed to give bats shelter from white nose syndrome.

Thazin Mon is a shrimp peeler in Thailand, who was kicked by her boss and threatened with rape simply because she asked for a day off to rest her swollen hands.

The Toyota Yaris and Suzuki SX4 are tops on the Highway Loss Data Institute’s list showing the number of occupants filing personal injury claims.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Final Resting Place, Navy Lt. Brad Snyder And 85 MPH.

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Thirty-five years after his death, F. Scott Fitzgerald was allowed to be buried in the family plot at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Not even the loss of his sight could keep Navy Lt. Brad Snyder from winning Paralympic Gold.

The new 85 mph speed limit on Texas 130 takes effect this November.

Grunion, U.S. Armor Corp Saving Lives And Sesto Elemento.

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Locals in Southern California gather each spring and summer for the annual grunion swim to shore.

Jana and Stephen Armellino are helping save lives with the equipment they make and sell through U.S. Armor Corp.

Sesto Elemento is Lamborghini’s new concept car, of which only 20 will be built at a cost of $2.2 million each. And they won’t be street legal.

Knight XV, Chukar Cherries And Volunteer Park Conservatory.

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The Knight XV is a 13,000-pound fully armored SUV from Conquest Vehicles, Inc.

In central Washington, not much offers a better year-round taste of summer than Chukar Cherries.

One function of the now 100-year-old Volunteer Park Conservatory  is as a “rescue” site for endangered orchids, cacti and succulents.

High Without The Munchies, Francis Gary Powers And V2V.

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A team of Israeli researchers has developed a THC-free marijuana plant.

Francis Gary Powers‘ will posthumously receive the Silver Star, 50 years after his U-2 spy plane was shot down roughly 1,300 miles inside USSR territory.

3,000 cars, trucks and buses will be tested this summer with vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V).

LeMay-America’s Car Museum, “Young Eagles” And “Amour.”

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The Grand Opening of LeMay-America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington happens this coming Saturday, June 2.

In an effort to encourage young people to pursue a career in aviation, the Experimental Aircraft Association is sponsoring a “Young Eagles” program.

Austrian Michael Haneke’s “Amour” has won the coveted Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.


Sasha Bruce Youthwork, John Day Fossil Beds And The Return Of The Chevrolet Caprice.

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The Sasha Bruce Youthwork is trying to help young people find work by training them in the construction trade.

The John Day Fossil Beds in Central Oregon offers up an astounding geological history.

For the first time since 1996, the Chevrolet Caprice is returning to the street, but only for local law enforcement.

Bosai-Yohin, “Before I Die” And Chinese Walls Damaged By A Ferrari.

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Bosai-Yohin translates to “disaster-protection gear,” and lies at the center of a whole new niche industry in Japan.

Before I Die” is a public art project through which anyone can write what they would like to have happen before they die.

Ferrari 458 Italia  has left tire-marks on a 600-year-old landmark wall in Nanjing, China.


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