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Maybe Not The Dream, Cheesy Transportation And Saudi Arabian Princess Ammerah Al-Taweel

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A cracked fan midshaft has been found on a Dreamliner General Electric GEnx-1B turbofan engine, marking the second engine problem for Boeing’s dream.

A biodiesel fuel made out of the watery waste of mass-produced cheese has been created by a team of researchers at Utah State University.

Saudi Arabian Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel is working to bring Saudi women the right to drive.


Picasso Piece Looking For A Home, “Dormoy Bathtub” And Fight The New Drug.

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The Museum of Arts, History and Science in Evansville, Indiana has discovered a Pablo Picasso piece in storage, but cannot afford the insurance to keep it.

Ed Kusmirek has built an exact replica of a 1924 “Dormoy Bathtub.”

Fight The New Drug is up against a formidable foe in pornography.


Boeing South Carolina, Swiss Watches And New Taxes In Texas.

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Boeing South Carolina today rolled out the first 787 Dreamliner assembled by workers at the plant.

At present, Swiss Mountaineer, which is owned by a Hong Kong company called Golden Hawk is entitled to label its watches Swiss-made, and the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry wants to change that.

Beginning July 1, Amazon will start collecting sales taxes from customers in Texas.

Dan The Baboon, Marta Eggerth And A Kid-Free Airline.

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Dan has shown scientists that baboons are able to recognize patterns of letters.

Marta Eggerth turns 100 on April 17, and is still entertaining her fans.

Beginning July 1, Malaysia airlines will offer a kid-free economy section.

The Panama Canal, Satellite Landing And “The Chariot.”

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For the first time since it opened in 1914, the Panama Canal is being upgraded.

Alaska Airlines will being testing this June the use of satellite technology to land at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

After 567,00 miles over 48 years, Rachel Veitch is parking “The Chariot.”

Daniel Furbish, The Enceladan Ocean And Arturo’s Desert Eagle.

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Daniel Furbish runs a bicycle-building workshop for kids in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Enceladan Ocean is located on one of Saturn’s 66 moons.

Weighing 800 pounds, the paper airplane Arturo’s Desert Eagle flew in the Arizona Desert.

Medal Of Honor, Western Gray Wolves, Paying To Burn And A Quote For The Day

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On this date in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln signed into law a medal to honor the bravery of Navy personnel. Lincoln’s signature the following summer authorized an Army medal of honor. In the 150 years since, fewer than 3,500 men and women have received the medal.

Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are removing the gray wolf from their respective endangered species list.

Airlines are now required to pay a price for the carbon dioxide they emit as they fly into and out of European airports.

“Only to the white man was nature a wilderness and only to him was the land ‘infested’ with ‘wild’ animals and ‘savage’ people. To us it was tame, Earth was bountiful and we were surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery.” – Luther Standing Bear

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