Grote Reber, Jefferson County, Alabama, The Cost Of A Subway And $2.5 Million

Grote Reber built the first radio telescope, which is used to detect radio-frequency radiation between wavelengths emitted by extraterrestrial sources, such as stars, galaxies and quasars.

Jefferson County, Alabama has just filed for what will the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Sao Paulo’s new 11-km Yellow Line subway system cost $1.6 billion. Every train is fully automated and free high-speed wireless Internet is available at all 11 stations.

The new 22 miles/28 stations Circle Line in Singapore cost $4.8 billion.

More than $17 billion is expected to be spent on New York’s 8.5 mile Second Avenue subway line.

$2.5 million is the cost of the bra being worn by Miranda Kerr.


We Can All Learn From One Another.

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