Eugenics, Removing Unwanted Hotmail Contacts And Katherine Litwack

From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:


1: relating to or fitted for the production of good offspring.

2: of or relating to eugenics


1: a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed.

At one time, 31 states had a government run eugenics program. Essentially, forced sterilization.

If you find some “Adult Fun” contacts are showing up at the bottom of the Hotmail “To” list when you are choosing a message recipient, there is a way to remove them:

Go to the “View Invitations” option from the Inbox page. The unwanted contact should appear as a sent invitation. Decline the invitation and then click report as spam. It should no longer appear as a contact. ***Note – if the invitation shows under the “Group” category, you will not be given the option to report it as spam.

Katherine Litwack, a.k.a. Kat Dennings was born and raised in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.


We Can All Learn From One Another.

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