Amsterdam, Vermont, Leprosy On Molokai, Racing In India And New Colors For The Pitch

Amsterdam was founded on this date in 1275.

In an effort to keep graduates from leaving for warmer and or more hip locales, as well as decreasing the brain drain of the Green Mountain State, Vermont began a program this past July offering cash to graduates as an enticement to stay. Vermont’s state Senators have introduced legislation that would make selling fake maple syrup a federal felony, punishable by up to five years.

Hawaii was the first nation in the world to establish a settlement for (exile as criminals) those who suffered from leprosy. The 1865 Act to Prevent the Spread of Leprosy of the nation of Hawaii was signed into law by King Kamehameha V.

The first ever F1 Race in India will be held this weekend in New Delhi.

The pitch for women’s Field Hockey in next summer’s Olympic games in London will be blue and pink instead of the usual green.


We Can All Learn From One Another.

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