Penitence Turkey Style, Russian Snobs And Working Crayfish And Snails

What do you call a show that features a Catholic priest, a rabbi, a Muslim imam and a Buddhist monk all trying to convert 10 atheists? “Penitents Compete. If an atheist does convert, their prize is a trip to the respective religion’s holy site.

“Snob” is a Russian language magazine funded by the owner of the New Jersey Nets, Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.The magazine caters to Russia’s global elite, to whom the word snob means a self-made man, or someone who has earned the right to be snobbish.

Scientists in St. Petersburg, Russia are putting crayfish and snails to work in an effort to monitor pollution. The crayfish live in water that is about to enter St. Petersburg’s distribution system, and are wired up, so scientists can monitor their heart rate and stress levels, because each one has a different personality. Though only males are employed, because they have a common temperament.

The snails breathe the air from an incinerator that burns sewage, even while munching on cucumbers. Because Russian snails sleep during the winter, snails from Africa do the work.


We Can All Learn From One Another.

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