Obesity In The United States And Religion And Taxes

2/3 of adults and 1/3 of children in the U.S. are obese. At the Heart Attack grill, if you weigh over 350 pounds, you can eat for free. If you eat their biggest burger, you get a free wheelchair ride out to your car.

180,000 Germans left the Catholic Church last year, where people have to tell tax authorities when they leave their church.

Germany charges a Church (income) Tax or (Kirchensteuer) of 8 percent – 9 percent. If a German citizen wants to stop paying the tax, they can formally resign from their faith’s church. At which point they become a Konfessionslose, which is someone who does not belong to a specific affiliation.

Switzerland imposes a church tax on the income of members of: The Evangelic Reformed Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Christ Catholic Church and the Israelite communities. The tax is levied in accordance with municipal tax law.


We Can All Learn From One Another.

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